LT. Rose 1198 | Butt Lifting Skinny Ankle Ripped Colombian Jeans for Women

Get ready to make your clients turn heads wherever they go! These Butt Lift Skinny Jeans are designed to make them feel confident, stylish, and sexy. Made from 97% Colombian cotton and 3% spandex, our jeans provide comfort and flexibility while still giving a great shape. The four front buttons can open and the decorative front pockets add a touch of style.

- Butt lifter jeans.
- 100% original from Colombia.
- Molds and gives a good shape.
- Quite elastic (but still jeans fabric).
- Decorative front pockets.
- Functional back pockets.
- The four front buttons can be opened.
- Belt included.
- Perfect to wear during spring or summer.
- Made of 67% cotton, 30.70% polyester, 2.30% Spandex.

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