Post Surgery Recovery Night Gown Robe with Drain Pockets | ¾ Sleeves

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Hi, Doll!  Are you recovering from post-mastectomy, breast augmentation, or another breast surgery?

Look no further than our Post Surgery Pajama for Women! This post-mastectomy clothing is designed to provide maximum comfort and security, allowing you to recover in peace. The snug and secure fit ensure that your garment stays put - even when you are moving around. Plus, our post-surgery garment is so soft and cozy that you can use it for daily wear too!

So don’t let post-surgery discomfort get in the way of your recovery - order our Post Surgery Pajama for Women now and get yourself back to feeling good again! Our Post Mastectomy Surgery Sleepwear Pajama offers:

  • 4 inner pockets to carry drains or pain pumps.
  • Top-quality materials made of peach skin fabrics that will keep the skin fresh.
  • ¾ sleeve length that eases the IV access.
  • Satin collar and cuffs.
  • Adjustable satin belt.

Why is it so crucial?

Our post-surgical PJs are made with high-end peach skin fabrics to provide absolute comfort and freshness to your body.

The reason our post-mastectomy pajamas offer ideal results is that they not only will make you feel comfy and safe, but they will also give you a stylish look so you remain confident and beautiful as you recover. They are perfect for surgical procedures such as mastectomy, liposuction, and tummy tuck and their design will allow you to wear them under your fave compassion faja.

With sleeve length that eases IV access, a satin collar and cuffs, an adjustable satin belt, and gorgeous colors, you will have the recovery of your dreams. Keep looking flawless and stylish even on your hardest day.

With Snatched Body, you get an extremely comfortable post surgery pajama to remain comfy and safe during this critical period. Order yours now and start feeling like a goddess.


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