Snatched Body MEDIAANTIEMBÓLICA Anti Embolism Compression Stockings Post Surgery Socks Over the Knees

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Elevate Post-Surgical Recovery for Your Customers with Our Premium Anti-Embolic and Anti-Thrombotic Stockings Keep your customers comfortable and looking their best during recovery with our luxurious post-surgical compression stockings. These stockings are specifically designed to provide exceptional comfort and support, while also helping to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). 

  • Luxuriously Soft Materials: Made with a blend of 57% polyamide microfiber and 43% elastane, these stockings offer a gentle, comfortable compression that conforms perfectly to any patient's body shape.
  • Stay Fresh, Stay Cool: The fabric's antibacterial properties help prevent irritation and odor, while high breathability allows for excellent airflow, keeping legs comfortable throughout the day.
  • Perfect Fit and Feel: Say goodbye to baggy stockings. The innovative, funnel-type design of these post-surgical compression stockings ensures a perfect anatomical fit. The diameter gradually decreases from top to bottom, preventing the stockings from slipping or bunching.
  • No More Discomfort: Our anti-embolism post-surgical stockings feature a free-finger construction that allows for greater flexibility and movement, eliminating any constriction around the toes.
  • Reduced Risk of Blood Clots: The stockings help prevent DVT by improving blood circulation and addressing factors that contribute to clot formation.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The combination of soft materials, high breathability, and a perfect fit minimizes irritation and swelling, keeping legs comfortable and supported.

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