SNATCHED BODY DQ02L4 Post Surgery BBL Stage 1 Faja for Guitar Body Shapes

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Enhance Post-Surgical Recovery: Faja for BBL & Guitar Body Shapes. Boost your post-surgical care by offering our specialized BBL fajas. This stage 1 faja is designed ideally for women with "guitar" body shapes recovering from BBL procedures. Attention Private Hospitals & Surgeons since our fajas Colombianas have what it takes to fulfill your client's needs. 

  • Targeted Compression for BBL: Ideal for stage 1 post-surgical wear, this faja bbl provides medium compression to gently sculpt and support the buttocks area, promoting optimal healing and shaping after BBL surgery.
  • Guitar Body Shape Friendly: Engineered specifically to flatter and comfortably fit "guitar" body types, ensuring optimal compression and support for a wider range of patients.
  • Improved Posture: High back coverage promotes proper posture, aiding in overall recovery and comfort
  • .Easy to Put On: Two strategically placed lateral zippers simplify garment application, ensuring ease of use for patients during recovery.
  • Wide, Adjustable Straps: Eliminate shoulder discomfort with wide, adjustable straps that provide secure support without digging in.
  • Abrilia Fabric: This soft, two-way stretch fabric offers gentle compression while being gentle on sensitive post-surgical skin.
  • Enhanced Patient Needs: Provide superior post-surgical comfort and support, leading to a more positive patient experience.
  • Streamlined Recovery Process: Easy application and targeted compression features contribute to a smoother and more efficient recovery for BBL patients.

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