SNATCHED BODY 002419 Tummy Control Shapewear Short for Women Stage 3 Faja

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Stage 3 Faja for Post-Surgical Comfort and Support: Introducing the Snatched Body Faja Shorts. Enhance your post-surgical recovery product line with our Stage 3 Faja Shorts, designed to maximize comfort and optimize healing for women undergoing various procedures.
  • Targeted Tummy Control: The two-way stretch fabric delivers ideal compression for a sculpted silhouette while allowing for comfortable movement during recovery.
  • Enhanced Healing: Special features like the wide abdominal band and abdominal reinforcement provide targeted support, promoting better healing and minimizing discomfort.
  • Convenience and Comfort: The perineal zipper simplifies bathroom visits, and the 3-level front hooks ensure a perfect, personalized fit.
  • Stay-Put Design: Silicone leg bands prevent rolling or bunching, ensuring the faja stays comfortably in place throughout the day.
  • Multi-Stage Versatility: This faja is ideal for both Stage 3 and Stage 4 post-surgical wear, offering a solution for a wider range of recovery needs.
  • Daily Wear Option: The medium compression level makes this faja comfortable enough for everyday wear after the initial healing stages.
  • Improved Comfort: Our faja shorts provide gentle compression and support, promoting a faster and more comfortable recovery.
  • Enhanced Results: Targeted compression helps to minimize swelling and promote skin retraction, optimizing surgical outcomes.
  • Increased Confidence: The flattering silhouette and comfortable fit boost confidence during the recovery process.
  • Functional Design: Special features make daily routines easier and more manageable.

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