3-Pack Lipo Foam Boards

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The Faja Companion That Increases Comfort & Overall Post-op Results.

Pairing a faja with lipo foams is a no-brainer to experience relief from bruising, swelling, and improving comfort levels during a painful time.

It's essential to take care of the incision site after surgery, and the contact point between the surgery site and the compression garment will need all the padding it can get.

Lipo foams are super important because as the body swells & then shrinks fajas may become too tight or too loose! A cushion that expands and shrinks with you will improve results and overall comfort.

The benefits of Snatched Body 3-Pack Lipo Foam Boards:

  • Reduce Or Eliminate Skin Folds
  • Quicker Healing
  • Minimize Bruising
  • Less Fluid Retention
  • Even, Smooth Compression

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