Funat Propolis Plus Eucalyptus And Vitamin C

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  • The propolis is bee’s nest; the resin bees extract from plants to recover and protect their nest. Several studies have shown its benets, especially as anti-microbial, antiviral, immune-stimulant and anti-inammatory properties, cicatrizing and slightly analgesic. With colds is very useful as complement to traditional therapies.
  • The eucalyptus oil is an antimicrobial, capable of eliminating microorganisms responsible for respiratory aections. Used traditionally for its decongestant and anti-inammatory eects on the respiratory tract.
  • The vitamin C stimulates immunologic system, it intervenes in the maintainance of bones and theets. Is a powerful antioxidant, avoiding damage of free radicals, improves sight, involved in the collagen formation necessary for wound healing.
  • Bees use propolis to fix their hives of opennings and cracks and as a barrier against external invaders. Current propolis is used to do the same in the human body, as formulations for cold syndrome (upper respiratory tract infections, common cold, and flu-like infections), wound healing, treatment of burns, acne, herpes simplex and genitalis, and neurodermatitis.
  • In children, propolis has been found to:m Prevent respiratory tract infections, remedy symptoms of the common cold and prevent middle ear infections

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