Fajas MariaE TQ101 | Post Surgery Liposuction Ab Board for Women | Pear Shape

Get your clients ready to have a fast and safe recovery with our pear shape lipo ab board. This is an ideal post surgery compression garment that helps to flatten the abdomen and hide love handles. Its small design makes it almost unnoticeable under shapewear. Your clients will be delighted by using a premium abdominal board that fulfills their needs. Our ab board after tummy tuck will be an excellent product to help improve your sales and keep your clients happy.

  • It is flexible and soft so it takes care of the skin.
  • Made with acrylic fabrics and a cotton lining.
  • Pear shape that covers the center of the abdomen.
  • Ideal after aesthetic procedures such as tummy tuck & lipo.
  • It helps to flatten the abdomen.
  • It also hides uncomfy love handles.
  • Made in Colombia.
  • Outer layer: Cotton
  • Inner layer: Acrylic.
  • Small design.
  • Size: 21 cm x 23 cm
  • Available in Beige.

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