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Are you recovering from a plastic surgery procedure like a BBL, Liposuction, or Tummy Tuck?

Snatched Body Bra Shapewear Post-Surgery Faja was made to sculpt the best possible hourglass shape!

The main difefrence with DC02L1 is the hip design, DC02L1 has a closed hip design, that makes it harder to lift through your hips, but easier to close on the lower abdomen, the DC02L2, is easier to fit through hips, thanks to its open hip design, but can be harder to close on the lower abdomen if the peroson doesn't know fajas well, but with assistance and knowledge it can be easier to close than a closed hip faja.

All our post-surgery fajas are made in Colombia with Powernet fabric, a material that is unmatched for its elastic compression and superior sculpting.

This Faja Colombiana Offers:

  • Waist Shrinking Technology
  • Built in Bra (No Padding)
  • No Rear Compression For Booty Lifting Effects
  • 3 Compression Hook Levels
  • Bathroom Zipper & Padded Straps

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