Soft BBL Pillow

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The Perfect Companion for Dolls That Are Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift & Don’t Want To Lose The Ability To Sit.

It's an exciting time! Your booty is about to become a lot plumper and rounder, but we also have news that is not exciting yet VERY important. Post-procedure recovery time is just as important as the actual surgery. Proper care during your recovery ensures rapid healing, minimal bruising, minimal pain and scarring, and proper blood flow.

Sitting down again for a period of time will be absolutely impossible! And those aren't just BBL recovery tips, this is a plastic surgeon-mandated action.

This all boils down to saying “no” to work while sitting in an office chair, "no" to long car rides, "no" to airplane rides, no sitting watching movies, "no" to sitting on a couch, "no" dining while sitting…

Well, that used to be the case until we thought of a way to work around the main problem that sitting down causes.

The Snatched Body Soft BBL Pillow:

  • Preserves Perfect BBL Shape
  • Keeps Fat Cells Intact
  • Allows For Safe Sitting
  • Minimizes Bruising
  • Offers Extremely Comfortable Support

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